Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Category B1.3 (Helicopter Turbine) 

With the recent boom in the Aviation industry and a lot of commercial airlines (Helicopters) competing for space in the air, this program has been one of the favorites among students who want to grab a share of that glory.

Training for the Category B1.3 (Helicopter Turbine) Course at HIET has been approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) under CAR 147 (Basic). The AME Module Examination (online) is conducted by the DGCA, Government of India. The duration of training at the institute is 2 years which includes 30% practical training at Deccan Charters Private Limited, Bengaluru. Facilities are also available within HIET for practical training on Chetak and Robinson Helicopters also TV-3 Engine fitted on MI-17 Helicopter and Swash plate, Rotors, etc., are available for in house practical training.

The course material has been well designed to equip our students to easily grab the opportunities that come up in the aviation industry. The course includes basic subjects like Electrical Fundamentals, Electronic Fundamentals, Digital Techniques and Electronic Instrument system, Material and Hardware, Maintenance Practices, Aerodynamics, Human Factors, Aviation Legislation, Helicopter Aerodynamics, structures and systems and Jet Engine.


It is mandatory for a student to put a minimum of 90% attendance in every semester to appear for the semester examination and also for promotion to the next semester. The minimum pass marks in any test or examination is 75%. Students assessment is based on continuous internal evaluation, such as attendance, slip test, monthly test and final semester examinations. In addition, hands-on practical work is being assessed in all the semester, including oral examinations conducted at the end of each semester.

Career Opportunities

The students after the successful completion of the training are eligible to join as Aircraft Technicians or Trainee Engineers in various domestic or international airlines, like Pawan Hans Ltd and private helicopter operators. Also various other operators in India & abroad. They can also join AMOs (Aircraft Maintenance Organizations) /Maintenance Repair Organizations.