Inauguration of Language/Quiz Club

The Language/Quiz Club was established and formed with the objective to train the students to actively participate in various inter-collegiate and state level competitions. Language/Quiz Club is to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like Academic, General Knowledge, Analytical abilities, Quantitative reasoning, etc., The Language/Quiz Club aims at identifying students talented in quiz and creating opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills. Language/Quiz programs are conducted at regular intervals during each academic year for the betterment of students. Students are also given opportunities to represent the college in Language/Quiz Competitions conducted by other institutions.


• The Club aims at promoting interest among the students in order to enhance their general knowledge.
• To popularize language/quiz activities among students and to enable the youngsters to fight and win in the field.
• To encourage the students to participate in regional, state and national language/quiz competitions conducted by various institutions.
• Selecting the language/quiz club members
• To conduct the formal meeting for club members and discussion about the current affairs and events.
• To conduct a language/quiz programmes for students to test their knowledge in every month
• To participate the competition at various levels.

Language club

Drama and Dance Club in HIET

The Drama and Dance Club of HIET, Chennai was established with a view to elicit the otherwise- concealed dramatic genius of the students.


• Augment the communicative capabilities of the student community, especially in the area of speaking
• Encourage “Out- of- the box” thinking to dispense impromptu performances
• Eliminate stage fear from being the potential barrier of communication
• Upgrade the accent and pronunciation of the students
• Inspire the students to develop team building and leadership traits
• Facilitate in personality development by turning the students into self-assured speakers

Who Can Be A Club Member?

• The students who are interested to enact
• The learner who has interest to learn a second language through theatre arts
• Aspirants who are interested to develop their cognitive skills through performance arts

Rules and Regulations

• Students of various departments of the college can be a member of the club
• Students who wanted to enrol in drama club can be a member of any one of the clubs other than drama club of the Department of English
• The skills of the regular members of the club will be tested each year through their participation in various interdepartmental competitions and intercollegiate competitions.
• The convener has the liberty to choose the candidates through Induction Programme and Show Case event.

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