Laboratories and Workshops

There are five labs inside the campus. Chemistry, Physics, English laboratories are available for all the branches in the first year. Other labs include Strength of Materials lab and Fluid Mechanics lab. Separate facilities are available for different branches. Aircraft Maintainence and Aeronautical Engineering student will have Aircraft Electricity Labs, Engines Lab (Jet, Piston, I.C), Instruments lab including various testing equipment for calibration of various aircraft instruments, Dead Weight testers, Aircraft Instrument panels, Vacuum chambers, ATC-810 Flight simulator. Our Aircraft Engines lab include a wide variety of Jet engines such as Rolls Royce Avon Mark 100 Turbo jet, De Haviland Goblin Mark 3 Turbo jet engine, Pratt & Whitney JT 3D Turbo Fan engine. Automobile, Mechanical students will get Basic workshop lab, Foundry, Welding, Smithy, Fitting shop, Carpentry, sheet metal lab, Machine shop, Engines lab, Heat power and transmission lab and Auto Electrical labs. Diesel lab contains Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Servicing. Various engine models include cut-views and working models of different engines.

Building Blocks

Administrative block is the place where all adminssions to various Hindustan Group of Institutions are taken up . It has different offices for various directors with in the Hindustan Group of Institution. Here students are admitted to various courses according to their choices.

MGR block-is the main block were all the classes are taken. The ground Floor of the MGR block is used as auditoriums for special occasions.

Anna block-dedicated to A.M.E students.Where all A.M.E. related activities, classes, workshops and seminars are conducted.

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel accommodation are available for boys. There are also hostels and lodging facilities available outside campus. Admission to these hostels and other lodging enquiries will be discussed at the time of admissions.

Catering Facility

HIET has a canteen on campus that caters to the needs of the staff and students during the college hours.


Our libraries are well equipped and updated with the latest books. We have more than 6000 books reserved especially for our polytechnic students. Books includes topics for Mechanical Engineers, Automobile engineers, aeronautical and A.M.E. Students can use these facility any time of the day. After the commencement of the classes students have to apply for Library cards to access these books.