Why Choose Electronics & Communication Engineering?

Electronics is concerned with the development and behavior of devices and circuits. Today we are in an era of Electronics & Communication technology and research. A diploma holder in Electronics & Communication Engineering is qualified for employment in a wide variety of sectors and user bases from consumer electronics to commercial and industrial computation and communication devices.

Career Opportunities

    • Government and private companies for installation, operation and maintenance of Electronic equipments and systems.
    • Defence, space research, AIR, Civil Aviation and the police wireless departments.
    • Design and development of complex devices and systems for signal processing and telecommunication.
    • Preferred candidates for IT companies.
    • Entertainment transmission industry
    • UPS Companies
    • Technical and research assistant in one of the many “silicon valley companies” and engineering colleges in India and abroad.
  • Diploma holders in ECE are also eligible to take admission to 2nd year B.E. courses in the relevant disciplines.

Course Structure

Communication English I
Engineering Mathematics – I
Engineering Mathematics – II
Engineering Physics – I
Engineering Chemistry – I
Engineering Graphics – I
Engineering Physics – I Practical
Engineering Chemistry – I Practical
Communication English II
Engineering Mathematics – III
Engineering Mathematics – IV
Engineering Physics –II
Engineering Chemistry – II
Engineering Graphics – II
Engineering Physics – II Practical
Engineering Chemistry – II Practical
Workshop Practice
Electronic Devices and Circuits$
Electrical Circuits and Instrumentation
C’ Programming
Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical
Electrical Circuits & Instrumentation Practical
Programming in C Practical
Computer Application Practical
Industrial Electronics
Communication Engineering
Digital Electronics
Linear Integrated Circuits
Industrial Electronics & Communication Engineering Practical
Integrated Circuits Practical
Communication and Life Skills Practical
Advanced Communication Systems
Very Large Scale Integration
Elective – I Theory
Advanced Communication Systems Practical
Microcontroller Practical
Very Large Scale Integration Practical
Embedded Systems
Computer Hardware and Network
Elective – II Theory
Embedded Systems Practical
Computer Hardware and Network Practical
Simulation Practical
Project Work