Extracurricular activities, sports and games are encouraged by the college. The college gives due publicly by announcing the events in all the classes and by putting up in the notice board. Physical Education Teacher is appointed for training and coaching the students for various sports and games. The responsibility of promoting such extracurricular activities and sports are divided amongst the faculty during the time of annual sports. They intimate the students; teams are prepared for the participation, and look after every problem faced by the student and encourage them to participate. The college encourages the students for participation in inter collegiate and state level competitions by providing participation fees, conveyance and other expenses.

Different cultural activities are being performed along with sports activities in intercollegiate, district, state and national level. Large numbers of students have participated in different events at intercollegiate levels. Many of them received prizes in different events at various levels.
Our college has excellent sports facilities. The college has been given training of various games: – cricket, football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Shuttle, Volley ball, athletics, etc.