Aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  There is a rapid increase of air passengers in recent decades opening myriad of opportunities across the sector. Behind every flying mechanism and safety of each aircraft is a team of engineers known as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME).

They are responsible for safety of the flights ensuring the smooth functioning of airplanes. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) has a responsibility to ensure a glitch-free and safe flight by certifying that the aircraft is operating in an entirely accurate manner. The engineers are also accountable for averting in-flight hazards.  The industry is set for further expansion in the coming years and has put forth a growing demand for skilled aircraft maintenance engineers, recognizing this need, several institutions are offering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) courses across India.

One can become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by pursing an AME course from any recognized institution. A student is eligible to pursue AME degree course after passing the 12th exams with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as mandatory subjects or should have completed diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics or Aeronautical engineering from an institute approved by AICTE, while many DGCA certified courses and diploma programs can be pursued after completing 10th class.

One of the best AME courses in Chennai are offered at Hindustan Institute of Engineering & Technology (HIET) Aviation College located at Padappai, Chennai known as one of the pioneers of aviation education in India. It has been recognized as the Best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College in India in the year 2023 at a National conference held at New Delhi awarded by the civil aviation minister of India. The institute has a world class Aero Hangar with various aircrafts, helicopters for demonstration and training purposes.

Here are few diploma and degree courses offered at HIET one can pursue after completing their 10th /12th class:

The AME courses offered are:

Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) is a specialized AME course focused on turbine-powered aeroplanes. Graduates of this course can find employment opportunities with airlines, aircraft maintenance and repair organizations (MROs), aircraft manufacturers, and regulatory authorities.

Category B 2 Avionics is a specialized AME course offered in Category B2 (Avionics), approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) under CAR 147 (Basic). Graduates can join reputed domestic and international airlines like Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet, etc., as well as AMOs and Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs).

Category B1.3 (Helicopter Turbine) is a two year program focusing on the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of helicopter turbine engines and related systems. The AME Module Examination, an online assessment, is conducted by the DGCA, as part of the certification process which is essential for professionals seeking careers as AME specializing in helicopter turbine engines

B.Sc. in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a 3-year degree program where students will study about the aircraft components and its functions in operating the airplane. After graduating the students can work for reputed airline groups and maintenance Repair Organizations (MRO) as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

The B.Sc. Avionics course is a 3 year degree program covering a wide range of topics including avionics fundamentals, aircraft electrical systems, microprocessors, and more. Graduates of the B.Sc. Avionics program can pursue careers as avionics technicians, avionics system designers, avionics system integrators.