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Welcome to Aviation College

Welcome to world of aviation, one of the greatest wonders of modern times. Since the civilization of human race began, many inventions changed the life of humans & changed the face of the globe. Fire & wheel were the first inventions of man. By 18th century, the industrial revolution introduced motor vehicles and numerous industrial machines. From the beginning of 20th century, aircraft started dotting the sky which was monopoly of birds till then. And the term Aeronautics was born.

Aeronautics has expanded tremendously since then in two different dimensions. One takes space vehicle beyond earth’s gravity and we are reaping the benefit of it every moment – our mobile phones, internet services, cable TV networks are direct results of Aerospace Engineering. Travelling to and reaching USA in just 8 hours (?) to see your loved one has been made possible only by aeroplanes. Obviously such machine has to be very costly and highly complex to carry millions of humans (with the required food and fuel) at 1000 Kms/hr and at 35000 feet!!!

Such an operation is possible only if they are designed carefully and manufactured precisely. Companies like Boeing in USA / Airbus in France manufacture such big aeroplanes. These aircraft fly across the world- east to west and north to south. These aircraft cannot fly safely even one day unless serviced carefully by highly skilled personnel.

I joined AME- Mechanical at HIET with a dream to fly high.  Faculty @ HIET are industry experts.  Their training and guidance has helped students achieve their goal.  Happy to mention that 70% of AME’s working in Chennai Airport are HIETians.  Proud to say that I belong to HIET.

S. Vignesh

HIET’s infrastructure is on par with the best being a Diploma in Electrical & Electronics holder.  I joined AME- Avionics to take up a challenging career in Aviation Industry.  Avionics is all about Aircraft electricity, Electronics and Radio navigation.  We students at HIET Rectify, Certify and Make it fly!  Proud to be a HIETian!!

Vamsi Krishna