The Library is an academic resource centre of learning and makes available the resources through books, journals, manuals/documents, on-line internet services, e-Library etc to users in partial fulfillment of the objective of establishing the library – i.e. to provide the aviation industry with trained and qualified personnel who would be able to ensure safe air and ground operations in accordance with DGCA standards.

The Librarian is responsible for the day – to – day library administration, and coordination of all other departments of the institution.

Responsibilities is as follows:

  • Acquisition and processing of all library books.
  • Registration of all eligible library patrons’ i.e. students and staff.
  • Circulation of library books and maintaining the library reference books.
  • Procurement of the serials including the journals & periodicals of the College including DGCA Annexes, Manuals and Documents, and makes them available and accessible to the users.
  • Creating awareness to the readers regarding new arrivals of books, journals periodicals etc. and avail the services of the library.

The Information and Communication Technology section of the library is in charge of Computerizing, and networking systems; One – line internet Services and other similar functions.


  • Every member of the College community is eligible to register as a member of the Library with free of cost and may use the Library for study, borrowing, referencing and related purposes.
  • Students/staff must be in possession of their College / Library identity cards which they must produce for inspection by the library staff when required to do so.
  • A student/staff may borrow a maximum of 4 books for staff and two books for students at a time.

Operating Hours

9.00 am – 3.30 pm. Monday – Friday (during academic session)

The Library shall remain closes for official national public holidays

Library Registration Procedure for Students and Staff

  • No student/ staff may be allowed to use the Library unless he/she registers with the Library.
  • Each student/staff must complete and sign the library gate register kept in entrance.

Procedure for Borrowing Books

  • The staff/students will present his/her library identity card at the circulation desk for verification.
  • Write and submit the information regarding the book required in the format of the borrowing slip for each of the books required.
  • Submission of borrowers card is compulsory.
  • Books borrowed will be cross checked by the Library staff at the circulation desk .
  • Books will be issued for 14 days to students, 30 days for staff in the first instance and be renewed for the same period.
  • Books borrowed must be returned promptly on the due date.
  • Late submission of book is chargeable for a day when a book is overdue, and fines should be promptly paid on the date mentioned.
  • Book not required by other staff/students may be renewed for further period
  • Book on loan to staff/students, which is required by another user, may be recalled after initial period of overdue.
  • The staff/students must pay for lost or damaged books at current market price / the discretion of the officer in charge.
  • The students/ staff members are required to return all library materials on loan immediately after the final examination or on resignation. The names of those who failed to submit borrowed books may be forwarded to Chief Instructors’ office for appropriate action.

Rules & Regulations

Monday to Friday 8.40 AM to 3.30 PM

Library Rules and Regulation

  • Silence must be observed in the Library at all times. Group discussion and dragging of chairs noisily is strictly prohibited.
  • Decorum should be maintained in the library.
  • The Library identity card must be brought to the Library and produced on demand. The defaulter will be viewed seriously.
  • Bags, brief-cases, umbrellas etc should not be brought to other parts of the Library. They must be kept in the places provided for in the Library. Such items are kept at owner’s risk.
  • All borrowing and renewals must be done in person and not by proxy.
  • No reservation of seats is permitted.
  • Smoking, drinking, eating or sleeping is not allowed in the library.
  • Books are not to be taken out of the library without the due processes of charging.
  • Submit all the books for inspection before exiting from the Library.
  • Reference books and periodicals can only be used in the library. They are not available for borrowing.
  • Any student caught mutilating, defacing, stealing library books/materials, shall be made to face the College students/staff Disciplinary Committee who shall suspend the Library privileges.
  • Mobile Phones/Laptop should be switched off or left on silent mode while inside the library.