The Government of TamilNadu has launched Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Higher Education Assurance Scheme to enhance the enrolment ratio of girls from Government schools to Higher Education Institutions. Through this scheme, the financial assistance of Rs.1000/month will be provided to the girls till their completion of UG degree/Diploma/ITI/any other recognized course.

Under this new Scheme, wards of COVID Martyrs, who have lost their lives protecting our countrymen during the COVID Pandemic will be given complete Tuition Fee waiver in the discipline of their choice, having met the basic laid down norms, such as marks in qualifying exams etc. All expenses of the student including traveling, boarding and lodging will be taken care of by HGI in addition to a Monthly stipend during the period of the course.

This new scheme is exclusively introduced for the wards of Doctors, Healthcare professionals, Government and Service personnel who have participated in protecting our countrymen during the COVID Pandemic. The scholarship covers a period of two years across all courses to those who meet the basic laid down norms such as marks in qualifying exams etc.

In fond memory of our Founder & Chairman Dr. K. C. G. Verghese and for the yeomen services he had rendered to the Society, a Public Charitable Foundation has been created in his name. It offers aid to :

  • The top scorers in plus two from any School, Boards, Subjects, Centum Scorers and Proficiency Prize holders are awarded scholarship to pursue their higher studies at HIET.
  • Scholarships are also awarded to the meritorious students with high scores who are financially challenged to meet their educational needs at HIET.

This scholarship has been instituted to empower and provide encouragement to girls. Girls with academic potential to pursue higher education and who are from lower income families who are interested in pursuing higher education at HIET are eligible for this scholarship.

This Scholarship is available for the Alumni of the Hindustan Group of Institutions. Allocation of Scholarship is subject to norms and the scrutiny of the Scholarship Committee.It is open for:

  • Children of Alumni.
  • Immediate family members (Sister/Brother) of Alumni.
  • Alumni for Higher Studies.
  • Children of the Staff of HGI.


Sl.No Description Fees concession
1 Top scorers in school 85 % & above
70% ­ 84%
60% ­ 69%
(Concession to continue only if they pass in every semester)
50% ­ fees concession / year
Rs. 7500/­ fees concession / year
Rs. 5000/­ fees concession / year
2 Children of Ex. Servicemen
(Concession to continue only if they pass in every semester)
Rs.7500/­ fees concession / year
3 Physically challenged Rs. 7500/­ to Rs. 10,000/­ per year
4 Sports personal
(Concession to continue depending on their Sports performance)
20% ­ 30% fees concession / year
5 Economically weaker sections
(Concession to continue only if they pass in every semester)
25% ­ 50% fees concession
6. Children of factory workers Rs. 7,500/­ fees concession / year


Sl.No Description Fees concession
1 Students who have scored 75% & above marks
a) Mechanical Rs.
b) Avionics Rs. 25,000/­ ­ 30,000/­ per year
Rs 20,000/­ ­ Rs. 25,000 per year
Rs. 25,000/­ ­ 30,000/­ per year
2 Economically weaker section students scholarship and payment of yearly fees in 3 installments instead of 2 followed now. Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000 per year
3 Scholarship for 1st graduate/ higher education in the family Rs. 10,000/­ scholarship per year.
4 For girl students 20% ­ 30% fees concession / year