• For Top Scorers
  • Ex-Servicemen
  • Sports Persons
  • First graduate of the family
  • Girl student joining AME Courses
  • SC/ST Scholarship

Details of Disbursed Amount of SC/ST Students(Govt.) Scholarship

Sl.No. Year Total no. of Students Disbursed amount Remarks
1. 2014-15 38 292600 Disbursed
2. 2015-16 49 575600 Disbursed
3. 2016-17 36 647300 Disbursed
4. 2017-18 46 1440000 Disbursed
                Total 169 2955500

Total amount disbursed towards the students – Rs. 2955500

Scholarship is boon for students belonging to the weaker sections of the society, who are unable to pursue their education for some reason or the other. Scholarship is an incentive as well as encouragement for students, who are talented, but do not have the means to study further their education. HIET offers Cent percent scholarship to the students those who wish to join our institute.

For Top Scorers

Merit scholarships reward for meritorious students with financial assistance, which helps them realize their educational dreams of achieving a fulfilling career. The merit-based scholarships evaluate a student’s merit on the basis of their marks obtained in the Govt. Board Examination.  HIET offers the scholarship to the top scorers on the basis of marks scored more than 90% by each student will be eligible for scholarship and the meritorious candidates are encouraging them to pursue their diploma level courses at our college.

For Ex-service Men

HIET offers Ex-Service Men scholarship scheme for the wards and to encourage such type of students in diploma level technical education for the dependent wards of Ex Servicemen personnel.   Students who have been dependent on the wards / widows of Ex Servicemen personnel died in harness / disabled due to causes attributable to military service for irrespective of the rank.

For Sports Person

HIET offers sports scholarships with an aim to promote sports activities in the institute.  Students have been participated in the sports activities of District/State/National Level. Our purpose is to recognize and groom the talented sportsperson from all walks and strata of life. The selection criterion is strictly based on merit and performance. All students have been applied through the sports quota has to clear a fitness test and the mandatory trials.

For First Graduate of the Family

First generation undergraduate’s scholarship being offered by HIET, irrespective of their caste or income, will not have to pay tuition fees for the academic year. The families that have never had a graduate in the family can take benefit of the above scheme. Our institute will bear the tuition fee of such students who secure admission. Students studying in our college, irrespective of their caste or income will benefit from the scheme.

For Girl Students

To promote quality education in the field of engineering, the HIET awards the specially for girls students who want to pursue the technical education based on various criteria, including their merit, community, and family’s annual income. The motive of the scheme is to support students’ careers, ensuring that financial issues or any other obstacles do not affect their education.

SC/ST Scholarship

HIET recommends the State Govt. SC/ST scholarship for the students belonging to this community. The   objective   of  the  scheme   is   to   encourage SC/ST  students  to continue their studies at college  level  by providing  them scholarship  so as to reduce financial burden  on their  parents,  because  spread  of  education  along with  development  of  merit  amongst  the  SC/ST communities  is  one of the priority programmes of the  Govt.  of Tamilnadu.