Job Fair 2021

HIET hosted one of the biggest JOB FAIR for Polytechnic Students @ Padappai Campus. COVID’19 has created a havoc across the world, so many people have lost their Job due to this pandemic, understanding the situation Hindustan Institute of Engineering&hellip

HIET Function during the time of COVID 19

HIET’s considerations for institutions of technical education provide considerations on strategies to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission. institutions may consider to implement multiple COVID-19 mitigation strategies as they reopen including, but not limited to, requiring students, faculty, and staff to wear masks,&hellip
Integral Coach Factory

Industrial Visit at Integral Coach Factory

Dept. of EEE and ECE have arranged industrial visit at Integral Coach Factory, Chennai along with Mr. Venkat Raman Rao, HOD and Mr. Harihara Subramanian,…

Industrial Visit at Doordarshan Kendra

Dept. of ECE has arranged industrial visit at Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai along with Ms. Nirosha, HOD i/c and Ms. Felci,…

RYLA 2020

RYLA 2020

HIET Rotrat Club students have participated the programme “RYLA 2020” held at Hindustan University from 28.02.2020 to 01.03.2020. However,…


Rotaract Club Members of our college students Mr. Yaswant Singh and Mr. Praveen JR have attended the conference …

Dept. of EEE,ECE & CSE Association Meet Cum Seminar

Dept. of EEE,ECE & CSE organised one day Association Meet-Cum-Seminar on 19.02.20 along with faculty members and students at

Campus Visit-cum-Founder’s Memorial Day Function

HIET has organised one day visit at KCG College of Technology, Chennai in connection with Founders Memorial Day celebrated on …

Survey Camp at Kundrathur

Dept. of Civil Engineering organised one day civil survey camp at Kundrathur on 14.02.2020 along with Mr. Prakash and Ms. Radhika,…

Civil Students Visit at KCG College

Civil Engineering department organised one day visit at KCG College on 14.2.20 during the time of Founders Memorial day.

Founder’s Memorial Day 2020

HIET has organised Founders Memorial Day on 14.02.2020 at Good Sephered Auditorium and the function started with prayer by

Seminar–Cum-Association Meet at Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering organized one day Seminar –Cum- Association Meet on 13.02.2020 at Good Shepered auditorium….