To provide every student with a conducive environment for attaining his/her career goals with a strong emphasis on personality development and offer all required resources to gain quality education without compromising on quality and code of ethics.


  • To train our students adopting the latest Teaching-Learning methodologies in line with the rapid technology advancement.
  • To equip the students with adequate employability skills and knowledge, inter personal skills and global outlook to gain meaningful employment on completion of their studies.
  • To mould students as worthy citizens with moral & ethical values with strong societal commitment to fulfill their obligations to the society and nation at large.
  • To promote latest skill attainment with sound practical exposure in the chosen field of Engineering & Technology.

In line with the above objectives, Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology has identified its long term & short term mission goals to guide its growth and development, fully realizing that ‘Every human being has an infinite potential’ and the role of the Educator (Institution) is to bring out the best in every individual by offering the best facilities and ambience for a conducive academic pursuit with a strong emphasis on professional skills, moral and ethical values and commitment to the society.

The major mission goals envisaged are

  • To promote inclusive education with access, equity and quality as its focal points.
  • Offer world-class instructional programmes in various disciplines of Engineering & Technology, Interdisciplinary Courses and Value Addition Programmes.
  • Offer support for practical skill development, award merit scholarships and other financial assistances to deserving students, support and reward faculty in their professional accomplishments.
  • Offer required support and assistance to the deprived people of nearby villages, thereby help them come out of their economic and social concerns, as part of the institutions societal commitment.
  • Provide technical consultancy and technology solution to business and industry.
  • Increase the diversity of the students, faculty, and staff to enhance the multicultural and cosmopolitan nature of the campus.

The Institution offers a full array of Diploma Programmes in almost all Engineering disciplines. The Institution provides to students a balanced learning experience, including co-curricular activities that contribute to their personal growth and help them to develop leadership skills.

The Institution has dedicated itself to provide every individual a conducive environment suitable to achieve his/her career goals with a strong emphasis on personality development.

The Institution is also offering various Value Addition Programmes to inculcate the ability to think critically and objectively and to search and access information.

The Institution consider as its paramount responsibility to expose each student to knowledge, employability skills and insight which are essential to gain meaningful participation in the ever expanding fields of Science & Technology.

Intensive student interaction with industry, summer training with leading companies and specialized placement & career counseling ensure that the students enjoy a distinct advantage in employment in reputed organizations and admission to reputed Institutions. Programmes on soft skills such as communication, independent learning, and sharpening entrepreneurship skills and business acumen for self-employment are embedded in to the curriculum. We aim to turn out not just competent professionals, but also good human beings as responsible citizens of the society.