What is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile Engineering is a field that comprises of design, development, manufacturing, and maintenance of vehicles, ranging from conventional combustion engine cars to cutting-edge electric and autonomous vehicles.

Why choose Automobile Engineering?

The rapid evolution of transportation has fueled significant growth in the automobile industry in recent decades, creating a demand for skilled automobile engineers.

Diploma in Automobile Engineering Course

A Diploma in Automobile Engineering course (DAE) enhances understanding of the industry by imparting in-depth knowledge and practical skills through hands-on training.

HIET Polytechnic College is recognized as one of the top polytechnic colleges in Chennai and offers specialized Diploma courses in various fields of engineering. The three-year Diploma in Automobile Engineering (DAE) consists of the design, manufacturing, and operation of automobiles. Through a blend of theoretical learning and hands-on experience, students gain a deep understanding of automotive systems, materials, manufacturing processes, and vehicle dynamics.

Curriculum & Training

Diploma in Automobile Engineering (DAE) course includes classroom lectures, design projects, and industry internships. HIET Polytechnic College offers top notch workshops and labs for training purposes. Graduates of our program are prepared for diverse career opportunities in automotive design, manufacturing, research and development, vehicle testing, sales and marketing, and aftermarket services.

Career Opportunities

Job Opportunities in Automobile Engineering extend across various sectors, including manufacturing, product development, repair and servicing, RTO (Regional Transport Office) roles, technician positions in defense services, and involvement in fields such as solar and non-conventional energy sources. Diploma holders are eligible to join the second year of B.E. courses in Aeronautical, Automobile, Mechanical, and Production Engineering.

Tamil Marabu
Basic Mathematics
Basic Physics
Basic Chemistry
Communicative English I
Basic Workshop Practices
Digital Workplace Skills
Basic English for Employability
Growth Lab
Induction Program – I
I&E/ Club Activity/ Community Initiatives
Shop Floor Immersion
Health & Wellness
Student-Led Initiative
Tamils and Technology
Basics of Mechanical Engineering
Applied Mathematics – I
Applied Physics – I
Applied Chemistry – I
Basic Engineering Practices
Drafting Practices
Communicative English – II
Advanced Skills Certification – II
Growth Lab
I&E/ Club Activity / Community Initiatives
Emerging Technology Seminars
Shop Floor Immersion
Health & Wellness
Student Led Initiative
Mechanics of Materials & Material Science
Production Technology
Measurements & Metrology *
Fluid Mechanics &  Pneumatics
Material Testing and Fluids Mechanics & Pneumatics Practical
Production Technology Practical
Measurements & Metrology Practical *
Physical Education
Heat Power Engineering
Vehicle Body Engineering
Automotive Electrical & Electronics Systems
Automotive Engines
Machine Drawing & CAD Practical*
Automotive Electrical & Electronics Systems Practical
Automotive Engines Practical
Physical Education
Fuels, Combustion & Emission Control
Power units & Transmission
Elective Theory-I
1. Two-Wheeler & Three-Wheeler Technology
2. Tractor & Farm Equipment
3. Industrial Automation
Automobile Servicing Practical
Engine Testing & Emission Measurement Practical
Elective Practical-I
1. Two-Wheeler & Three-Wheeler Technology Practical
2. Tractor & Farm Equipment Practical
3. Industrial Automation Practical
Entrepreneurship & Startup*
Physical Education
Hybrid Electrical Vehicle and Policies
Industrial Management & Transport Engineering
Elective Theory-II
1. Computer Integrated Manufacturing*
2. Heavy Vehicle Engineering
3. Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems
Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Practical
Elective Practical-II
1. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Practical
2. Heavy Vehicle Engineering Practical
3. Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems Practical
Project work & Internship
Physical Education