I am a supplementary candidate. Can I pay my diploma exam fee directly at DOTE?

  • No., Exam fee can be paid only at the respective Polytechnic College.

I am a supplementary candidate and would like to write some of my arrear subjects. Whom should I contact to know the equivalent subjects under the latest scheme?

  • You may contact the Curriculum Development Cell at DOTE.

I am a supplementary candidate working outside TamilNadu. Can I download my diploma hall ticket directly from the website?

No. Hall ticket shall be received only from the principal of the respective Polytechnic College.

I have just completed my 3 year diploma course. I have some arrears. How many more chances will be given to me to pass all my arrears?

You will be given 6 more chances (3 years) to complete your arrears. After exhausting all 6 chances you will get two more Additional chances in the next calendar year.

I appeared for a particular subject in the diploma exam. But the result was not declared by DOTE.

You may approach DOTE Computer center with proof of writing the exam along with a request from your Principal.

I completed my diploma course with more than 60% marks. But I was awarded only second class. Why?

You might not have completed the course within the prescribed time limit. I studied diploma under J scheme and the maximum mark was 100. But I wrote my arrear paper (K-scheme) for 75 marks only.

How will you declare my result?

The marks obtained by you out of 75 will be converted to 100 and result will be declared.

The minimum mark for pass in diploma (theory subject) is 40/100. I secured more than 40 and was declared fail. Why?

You must secure a minimum of 30 out of 75 in external and an aggregate of 40 out of 100 for a pass in any subject.

I have paid exam fee for two arrear subjects in my old scheme and both the subjects have the same equivalent subject in the latest scheme. Please tell me how to write my arrears and how my result will be declared?

You will appear for only one subject in the latest scheme which will be equivalent to both of your arrear papers. The mark obtained in this subject will be posted in both of your arrear subjects and result will be declared.