The College has ergonomically designed classrooms with well spacious area, Drawing halls, seminar halls and A/c Conference Meeting Hall etc. to enhance the quality of teaching and communication.

With all the information that bombard today’s college students, Professors are faced with a universal challenge ‘How to make their lessons intriguing?’ New education culture and fast paced life demands the teachers to change their teaching style to be more engaging and interactive. At HIET, to overcome this challenge we have introduced ‘Smart Classrooms’ which help to capture student’s attention by integrating teaching methods with the technology. The idea behind SMART classrooms is to engage students in a lesson by presenting material through intriguing visuals on a multi-media system that incorporates the use of PowerPoint much more effectively than its one-dimensional chalkboard counterpart. Not only is the technology user-friendly, it is designed to blend into the architecture so that it becomes part of the classroom.

This technology not only helps to deliver an interesting lecture but also provide time and platform for interactive learning where more students in the class can participate and benefit.

The visual aids are helping our students to present their projects, documentaries, seminars etc. We are also using this facility for conducting different workshops for the students in the classrooms.

Our faculty members are well equipped and trained to use this new technology and deliver their lectures in the best method available.

Smart Class for Students

Smart classroom is one of the best for today’s pupils, because they need some attractive visual teaching that is livelier. Textbooks are not enough for today’s student. .They needs more and more knowledge, because today’s world is overwhelmed with data and more advanced technologies are arriving every day.

So today’s pupils must cope up these fast growing technologies.  For that smart classrooms are very important. Traditional teaching is the best way of teaching .In that student will do well by using mind and imagination and creativities are even more. But it is very essential for today’s student smart classroom is the best and essential theme.

Labs and Workshops

HIET has a diploma program of six engineering branches. In fact, it proudly hosts the largest department in terms of faculty and students. The focus is to impart technical knowledge to students, enhance their skills, and encourage them to take up various research projects. The students obtain hands on experience on 3D Technology, Computer Technology, VG TAP Workshop, Automobile Labs and Language Lab, special training in welding pattern, forging, machining etc. They get to work with advanced machines like CNC, lathe trainer, educational robot and many more. Moreover, industry visits, vocational training, seminars, and workshops are periodically organised to assist and enrich the students in all ways possible.