The Technical Associations for the various disciplines play an active role in organizing discussions, seminars, guest lectures, educational tours etc. In addition, there is a cultural association which arranges programmes and competitions with the help of Students Academic Council, Electronics, Literary, Debating and Aero Modeling Clubs are also established in the college.

The Y’s Men Club – Padappai and HIET NSS Unit joint to gather organized a programme on conditioning the Road which connects Serpanachery Main Road with HIET, since the road was with most number of Pits. The pits were filled with soil and leveling has been done. The following were the photo clicked during the event.

Y’s Men Club – Padappai and HIET NSS Unit

Y’s Men Mr.Elangovan, President – Y’sMen Padappai, Y’sMen Mr.Akilesh Kumar ( Bulletin Editor – Y’sMen Padappai), Y’s Men Mr.Vinoth Kumar (Member – Y’s Men Padappai), Prof.Sampath, Principal HIET with NSS Students from HIET.

How to Level the Road

Y’sMen Mr.Elangovan (President –Y’sMen Padapai )Instructing the NSS Cadets How to Level the Road using Spade .

Leveler used for clearing waste soil

A Pick in that Leveler used for clearing waste soil in the side of the Road. The Y’sMen Padappai Club Sponsored the Fund to hire the Power Machine.

Leveling the Road

A Pit that is filled with raw soil and the team is working for leveling the same using the Tools sponsored by HIET.

Leveler used for clearing waste soil

Y’smen Mr.Emaual Leveling the Soil filled in a Pit. Also the Students from NSS team is helping him for the same.

HIET –NSS Cadets Hard Hands

HIET –NSS Cadets Hard Hands making proper Road.

Completing their services

The Team returning back to HIET Padppai Campus after Completing their services of leveled road below.

Music Club

Music is food for the soul, and nothing could be nobler than bringing music to you. HIET Music Club, a cool new way from the comforts of music. Music Clubber is surely set to take your singing to the next level!